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welovecheese's Journal

pink toxic cheese
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Heather & Sarah have the only membership cus we're cool like that.

mmmmWe like cheese. cheese

10th grade computer class, \m/, acting silly, art, being girlie girls, cheese, chinese food, concerts, crabby cakes, fake heather, fuzzy cheese, goverment cheese, hanging out, heather & sarahs fishies, heathers hamu, heathers puppy, hot boys in bands, kelly's, laughing, marion, marshmellow lady, ms.greenwood, music, my girlie, pictures, piercings, pink, pink fleece, pjs, poems, punk boys, random late night adventures, sarahs kitties, secret letters, shoes, shopping, smoking computers, smucks in smocks, smut, stuffed mushrooms, swishy pants, taking pictures, tattoos, tongue rings, walmart, white chocolate mocha